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  Committee Name: Fitness and Well Being, Mayor's Council on
  Legislative Authority: Executive Orders 07-05, 01-05, 94-178 & 87-114
  Total Members: 41
  Committee Duties: Mayor makes 27 appointments; 14 members are ex-officio designated by Executive Order. To study, evaluate and recommend ways that the City government can facilitate fitness and well-being in our community. To coordinate, initiate and promote efforts among athletic, civic, business and government agencies aimed at improving facilities. To focus community attention on the opportunities and needs of the community for fitness and well-being facilities and programs.
  Meeting Date: 1st Wednesday of each month in the Ed Ball Building, 8th Floor, 12:30 pm (Meeting times and locations are subject to change.)
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Committee Members:
  Name Category    
  Alexander, Pat Ex-Officio Adult Services    
  Bergman, Joseph Ex-Officio Sports & Entertainment    
  Beson, AJ Health Based Org - Beson Media 4    
  Burrows, Timothy Health Based Org - First Coast YMCA    
  Campbell, Bryan Duval County Medical Society    
  Cicero, Terri Duval County Public Schools    
  Coleman, Karen Baptist Health Hospital    
  Crain, Nancy Curtis At Large 4    
  Duke, Ellan River Hills Chiro & Wellness Ctr    
  Feinberg, Valerie At Large 5    
  Gaines, Tonisha Ex-Officio Special Events    
  Hinte, Alicia Odom Hospital 2 (UF Health)    
  Husband, Laureen Duval County Health Dept    
  Joseph, Daryl Ex-Officio Parks, Recreation and Community Service    
  Lalla, Christopher M. Corporation 3    
  Mackie, James Henry Corporation 4    
  McSweeney, Patrick At Large 2    
  Overstreet, Bernadette At Large 3    
  Redman, Don Ex-Officio - City Council    
  Robertson, Christopher T Education 3 (JU)    
  Sanders, George Education 1 (FSCJ)    
  Sebold, Glenn Corporation 2    
  Stein, Jennifer Hospital 3 (St. Vincent's HealthCare)    
  Walker, Charlene Ex-Officio Employee Services    
  Watkins, Sharon Corporation 1    
  Wooten, Audrey Mitchell NE Fl Medical Society    

Contact Staff:
  Name Position Phone Email
  Jones, Wendy Executive Assistant (904) 255-4919 wendyh@coj.net
  Joseph, Daryl Interim Director-Parks & Rec (904) 255-7903 djoseph@coj.net
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