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  Committee Name: Victim Assistance Advisory Council
  Legislative Authority: Executive Orders 94-185 & 88-116
  Total Members: 27
  Committee Duties: Mayor makes 27 appointments. To coordinate and encourage cooperative efforts among social service, criminal justice, mental health and other agencies to provide assistance to crime victims and their families.
  Meeting Date: 1st Wednesday of every month at noon, City Hall, Suite 400 (Meeting times and locations are subject to change.)

Committee Members:
  Name Category    
  Backmann, Ryan Victim Advocate 08    
  Brown, Reginald L. City Council    
  Chapple, Judith W. Victim Advocate 07    
  Dugger, Ann Victim Advocate 01    
  Flower, Gary P. Elected 07    
  Garrett, Nicoa Raquel Public & Private 06    
  Giannini, Mary Margaret Public & Private 05    
  Hackney, Thomas Public & Private 03    
  Howell, Jay Charlton Elected 06    
  Komando, Richard Public & Private 07    
  McClain, Beverly Elected 05    
  Oliveras, Gary Michael Public & Private 04    
  Pannell, Kathy D. Victim Advocate 09 (JSO)    
  Spivey, Sheila Public & Private 01    
  Thompson, Yulonda M Elected 02    
  Thorne, Michelle Elected 03    
  Vought, Gina Victim Advocate 06    
  Williams, Karen Virginia Orr Victim Advocate 02    

Contact Staff:
  Name Position Phone Email
  Jackson, Thelma Human Services Planner (904) 630-7103 Tjackson@coj.net
  Moore, Johnetta Interim Chief, Behavioral Svcs (904) 630-4720 jmoore@coj.net
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