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  Committee Name: Cultural Service Grant Program Committee
  Legislative Authority: ORD 2017-262-E; Sec. 118.605, Ordinance Code
  Total Members: 11
  Committee Duties: Shall recommend to the Cultural Council Board of Directors the organizations to be funded and the amount of the funding.
  Meeting Date: (Meeting times and locations are subject to change.)
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Committee Members:
  Name Category    
  Boccuzzi, Anne C. CCGJ Board    
  Bracewell, K. Mac CCGJ Board    
  Gonzalez, Mauricio M. Community    
  Harvey, Elizabeth A. Community    
  Holt, Ann Carey CCGJ Board    
  Hull-Richardson, Sandra P. Community    
  Moreland, Truitte I. Community    
  Naylor, Richard B. Community    
  Rubin, Ben M. Community    
  Thompson, Penelope Steeple Chair    
  Watson, Frank C. Community    

Contact Staff:
  Name Position Phone Email
  Palmer, Amy Grants Administration Director (904) 358-3600 apalmer@culturalcouncil.org
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