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  Committee Name: TRUE-Taxation, Revenue & Utilization of Expenditures Commission
  Legislative Authority: Chapter 57, Ordinance Code
  Total Members: 18
  Committee Duties: Act as an advisory body to the city concerning fiscal policy. Improve the city's long-range financial soundness, planning budgeting, and management and to keep the public better informed about important issues related to city financing and budgeting. May choose to review any aspect of fiscal policy, including: •The city's long-range financial soundness, planning budgeting, and management; •The city's budgetary process, including taxation, revenue generation, expenditures, use of permit fees and user fees, bonding capacity, franchise fees, state and federal mandates, privatization, "zero based" financing and other similar topics; •The appropriateness of each revenue source the city receives to make up its annual general revenue budget; •Potential new revenue sources, such as impact fees, and the use of any such funds; •The pre- and post-retirement benefit structure for city employees and the potential impact on the financial status of the city; •Recommendations that will help make Jacksonville the most fairly-taxed and financially-sound city in the nation; •Recommendations to keep the public better informed about important issues of city financing and budgeting which affect their lives; •Other areas as the Commission may determine are appropriate and within their scope.
  Meeting Date: 1st Thursday, at 4:00 p.m., Council Chamber, City Hall, 117 W. Duval S. (Meeting times and locations are subject to change.)
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Committee Members:
  Name Category
  Brunson, Niki
  Chambliss, Keshan L.
  Collins, Camilla
  Henry, Daniel L.
  Levins, Clayton B.
  McGowan, Jon
  Rachal, Gregory O.
  Roberts, John F.
  Wasson, Benjamin

Contact Staff:
  Name Position Phone Email
  Clements, Jeffrey R. Chief of Research (904) 630-1405 jeffc@coj.net
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