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  Committee Name: JJOC-Jacksonville Journey Oversight Committee
  Legislative Authority: Ord Chapter 50, 08-555
  Total Members: 9
  Committee Duties: Mayor and City Council President jointly make 9 appointments. In concert with the City's grant making agencies, establish short, intermediate, and long term measurement and reporting systems for JJ funds. Issue annual community wide report card on progress of funded JJ programs. Make annual recommendations. Continue data gathering and public policy. Advocate for investment of new dollars as well as state and federal policy initiatives to ensure a safer city.
  Meeting Date: (Meeting times and locations are subject to change.)
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Committee Members:
  Name Category
  Bedoya, Ricardo Mayor/Council 3
  Campbell, James Antonio Mayor/Council 7
  Diamond, Rory John Mayor/Council 9
  Freeman, Terrance Mayor/Council 5
  Griggs, Charles L. Mayor/Council 4
  Hart, Curtis Mayor/Council 1
  Holzendorf, Betty S. Mayor/Council 8
  Lee, Denise E. City Council Liaison
  Lee, Fred Mayor/Council 6
  Tousey, Tracy Strickland Mayor/Council 2
  Wright, Paula Mayor/Council 6

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