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  Committee Name: planning
  Legislative Authority: Executive Order 89-132
  Total Members: 25
  Committee Duties: Mayor makes 25 appointments. Within its authority, the Commission shall act to: To advise the administration on women's issues. Develop a public consciousness of the talents of women, with special emphasis on the utilization of those talents as equal partners in the private, business, governmental and civic community; Encourage women to become actively involved in matters pertaining to the government and community; Work toward utilization of capable women in roles of leadership; Act as a source of information for women including, but not limited to, employment opportunities, education, harassment, and discrimination against women; and Focus attention on the needs of underserved women and/or women with special needs.
  Meeting Date: Fourth Monday of the month 4:30 p.m. at City Hall, 117 W. Duval Street, Suite 400 (unless otherwise announced) (Meeting times and locations are subject to change.)
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Committee Members:
  Name Category    
  Coto, Yaima Mayor 9    
  Grogan, Ana Olga Mayor 20    
  Harris, Phenessa Antoinette Mayor 12    
  Hepler, Ruth Ann Mayor 1    
  Hill, Robin Collier Mayor 18    
  Indelicato, Natalie Arce Mayor 21    
  Jackson, Roshanda M Mayor 2    
  Jacobs, Mary Anne Mayor 11    
  James, Stephanie O. Mayor 13    
  Kuldau, Donna Mayor 17    
  Luikart, Christen Elizabeth Mayor 8    
  Masood, Dr. Shahla Mayor 4    
  Padget, Kathleen Clark Mayor 16    
  Patin, Gail Mayor 7    
  Riggs, Oleta Ingram Mayor 05    
  Sher, Patricia Ryan Mayor 10    
  Simmons, Juanita Sabrina Mayor 15    
  Terry, Charre Nichole Mayor 23    
  Williams, Ann Elizabeth Mayor 6    

Contact Staff:
  Name Position Phone Email
  Carter, Ted Executive Director, OED (904) 630-1979 Tcarter@coj.net
  Reaves, Alaina Staff Liaison (904) 630-1618 areaves@coj.net
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