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  Committee Name: Metropolitan Jacksonville Area HIV Health Services Planning Council
  Legislative Authority: Executive Order 94-186
  Total Members: 30
  Committee Duties: Makes 30 appointments (via nominations from HIV Planning Council). Establish priorities for the allocation of funds within the EMA. Develop a comprehensive plan, compatible with any existing state or local plans, for the organization and delivery of HIV Health Services. Assess the efficiency of the administrative mechanisms to rapidly allocate funds to the areas of greatest need.
  Meeting Date: (Meeting times and locations are subject to change.)

Committee Members:
  Name Category
  Barnes, Dana C. Incarcerated Community
  Bell, Justin E Community 12
  Blair, Verlon L. Community 03
  Coon, Gloria Community 13
  Emanuel, Frank Community Leader (non-elected)
  Geib, Kim Public Health (Nassau)
  Guthrie, Kendall Part D
  Hendley, Nathaniel Community 04
  Hunter, Sharon Community 05
  Kilpatrick, Heather Community Based Organization
  McBride, Eric Community 07
  Merritt, Marion LaFaye Community 09
  O'Gwinn, Gregory Frank Community 06
  Patterson, Carolyn Rep. State (Medicaid)
  Peterson, Sharon Woolbright Federally Qualified Health Center
  Sampson, Patricia Provider (Mental Health)
  Schell, Errol B Rep. (HOPWA)
  Schmitt, Ellen Hospital/Health Care Plan Agency
  Shiloh, Torrencia E. HIV Prevention
  Stokes, Velda Community 10
  Telfair, Alfreda Part C
  Turner, Antoinette Community 14 (CBO)
  Vaughan, Heather Sue Community Based Organization
  Wilson, M. Maximillion Part B
  Youngblood, Annie Community 08

Contact Staff:
  Name Position Phone Email
  Kelley, Deidre Program Manager (904) 858-2800 dkelley@coj.net
  Moore, Johnetta Acting Chief, Behav Svcs (904) 630-4720 jmoore@coj.net
  Sikes, Sandra Program Support Aide (904) 630-3504 Ssikes@coj.net
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