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  Committee Name: Tree Commission
  Legislative Authority: Chapter 94, Ordinance Code
  Total Members: 7
  Committee Duties: The Tree Commission is an advisory body to the city concerned with the conservation and enhancement of the City's tree canopy. Study and make recommendations to the city with respect to planting of trees and the health of the City's tree canopy. Formulate an overall plan for the planting of trees and the health of the City's tree canopy and thereafter to annually review the plan and report recommendations to the Mayor's Office. Act as a motivating and coordinating body to encourage joint public and private participation in the planting of trees and the health of the City's tree canopy. Review and make recommendations, if necessary, to the Council concerning the City's tree protection and landscape regulations.
  Meeting Date: Bi-monthly, 12:00-1:30 p.m., St James Bldg, 3rd Floor, Conference Room C. (Meeting times and locations are subject to change.)

Committee Members:
  Name Category
  Crescimbeni, John R. Council Designee
  Flagg, Christopher D. Landscape Architect - AL Group 2
  Glick, Aaron A. Urban Planner - AL Group 5
  Hart, Curtis L. Real Estate Professional - AL Group 4
  Pappas, John P. Public Works Director Designee
  Robinson, Isaac R. Member of Environmental Org - AL Group 2

Contact Staff:
  Name Position Phone Email
  Chism, Cindy Public Works Staff (904) 255-4302 Cchism@coj.net
  Fetner, Sondra Office of General Counsel (904) 630-1714 sfetner@coj.net
  Leon, Richard Urban Forest Manager (904) 255-4324 Rleon@coj.net
  McGovern, Kathleen City Arborist (904) 255-4327 KMcGovern@coj.net
  Stork, Kevin G. Accounting Office (904) 630-2955 kgstork@coj.net
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