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  Committee Name: RDA-Duval County Research & Development Authority
  Legislative Authority: Chapter 67, Ordinance Code; Chapter 159, Part V, F.S.
  Total Members: 5
  Committee Duties: Oversee "First Coast Technology Park", a 285-acre commerce center at the University of North Florida; for the purpose of promoting scientific research and development in affiliation with and related to the research and development activities of one or more state-based, accredited, public or private institutions of higher education; for the purpose of financing and refinancing capital projects related to establishment of a research and development park in affiliation with one or more institutions of higher education, including facilities that complement or encourage the complete operation thereof; and for the fostering of the economic development and broadening the economic base of the county.
  Meeting Date: Annually & As Needed (Meeting times and locations are subject to change.)

Committee Members:
  Name Category    
  Burnett, Jason    
  Dion, Julie A.    
  Luke, Henry C.    
  Merten, Steven R.    
  Taylor, R. Bruce    

Contact Staff:
  Name Position Phone Email
  Delaney, John A. UNF President (904) 838-6422 jdelaney@unf.edu
  Noriega, Elizabeth Admin Assistant (904) 620-2282 enoriega@unf.edu
  Traynham, Earle Executive Director (904) 620-2590 traynham@unf.edu
  Warren, Christopher L. Government Affairs Director (904) 620-2500 c.warren@unf.edu
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