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  Committee Name: Public Service Grant Council
  Legislative Authority: Chapter 80, Ordinance Code
  Total Members: 16
  Committee Duties: Review and assess the annual needs of the City for public services for a program not otherwise funded by City funds; Recommend Priority Populations or Needs to the City Council; Recommend the process by which recipients of Public Service Grants are selected each year; Submit for review an appropriation request for Public Service Grants for the upcoming fiscal year; Review, evaluate and score each Public Service Grant application; Participate in on-site evaluations of recipient programs; Attend orientation sessions the annual training course, ethics, public records and open meeting laws training; and Award and allocate the annual lump sum appropriation for Public Service Grants contained in the annual budget ordinance.
  Meeting Date: 2nd Wednesday, 214 N. Hogan Street, Ed Ball Bldg, Room 851 (Meeting times and locations are subject to change.)
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Committee Members:
  Name Category    
  Baker, Stephen C.    
  Baldwin, Robert F.    
  Diettrich, Lara K. Grant Experience    
  Grant, Tameiko Allen Grant Experience    
  Jackson, Sherry    
  Mackey, Ann R. Grant Experience    
  Mixson, Beth T. Grant Experience    
  Morgan, Joyce Council Member - Liaison    
  Perry, Jacqulyn V. Grant Experience    
  Turner, Marcie E. Grant Experience    
  Warren, Christopher L.    

Contact Staff:
  Name Position Phone Email
  Cook, Damian R. Grants Administrator (904) 255-8742 damianc@coj.net
  Snyder, John PSG & Trust Fund Coordinator (904) 255-8202 jsnyder@coj.net
  Stockwell, Sandra General Counsel (904) 630-7503 sstockwell@coj.net
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