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  Committee Name: Keep Jacksonville Beautiful: A Clean City Commission
  Legislative Authority: Executive Orders 83-54, 96-204 & 03-06; 2007-02
  Total Members: 19
  Committee Duties: Mayor makes 19 appointments. Create a clean City and instill in the citizens of Jacksonville a pride in their neighborhoods which will mature into a greater pride in their City; Educate the citizens of Jacksonville in the proper containerizing & disposal of waste materials, thereby improving attitudes & behavior toward littering & the environment; Provide financial support for current & future operations of the Commission; Change people's attitudes & behaviors relating to litter, beautification & minimuzation of waste impact; Bring together government agencies, businesses, community organizations & residents through a variety of cooperative initiatives aimed at maintaining, restoring & enhancing the visual quality of our community; Facilitate, advise & make recommendations to the citizens of Jacksonville regarding litter control, solid waste management, landscape & greenscape beautification & tree planting.
  Meeting Date: Every other month (Meeting times and locations are subject to change.)

Committee Members:
  Name Category
  Buckley, Chris DCPS PTA, Chair
  Burket, Brian PREC
  Carter, Doyle D. Council President-Designee
  Conyers, Harrison Military Community
  Couch, Rebecca DCPS Board
  Cribb, Sheila Citizen 8
  Dooley, Anna M. Greenscape
  Drayton, John FDOT
  Figart, Larry Agriculuture Dept.
  Garman, Matthew Citizen 6
  Gartland, Kevin Citizen 5
  Hicks, Lee-Catherine Bateh Citizen 3
  McDaniel, E. Dave Public Works
  McKinnon, Robert Joseph Citizen 9
  Nan, Sarah St. Johns Riverkeeper
  Nussbaum, William Citizen 7
  Oliver, David JSO
  Reagan, Harry S. Citizen 2
  Richardson, James A. EPB
  Shellhorn, John M. Mayor's Liaison
  Upton, Jane JEA
  Valent, Anna C. Citizen 1
  Veleta, Christi P. Citizen 4
  Williams, Cheryl Agatha Citizen 10

Contact Staff:
  Name Position Phone Email
  Durbec, Dan Staff Liaison (904) 630-3420 ddurbec@coj.net
  Shellhorn, John M. Chief, Mosquito Control (904) 696-4374 shellhorn@coj.net
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