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  Committee Name: Duval County Election Advisory Panel
  Legislative Authority: Chapter 59, Ordinance Code
  Total Members: 9
  Committee Duties: Study and make recommendations to the Supervisor of Elections to increase the quality of voter registration and education efforts. Study and make recommendations to the Supervisor of Elections to enhance the voter's election-day experience, including poll worker training, polling locations, ballot styles, and fraud prevention. Evaluate and recommend improvements on the election effectiveness, including number of overvotes, undervotes and spoiled ballots, voter complaints, and voter turnout. Review and comment on ballot styles, instructions and absentee ballot appearance. Make an annual report to Council on progress, including an incorporation of any statistics, charts, studies, reports, or other data and materials generated.
  Meeting Date: Quarterly (Meeting times and locations are subject to change.)
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Committee Members:
  Name Category    
  Alfred, Cynthia P. Duval Registered Voter    
  Anderson, Hunter Duval Registered Voter    
  Carrero, Leon J. Duval Registered Voter    
  Henry, Daniel L. Duval Registered Voter    
  McGowan, Jon Duval Registered Voter    
  McWhite, Charles L. Duval Registered Voter    
  Montgomery, Ingrid K. Duval Registered Voter    
  Phillips, Robert Elections Employee    
  Portlock, Justin E. Duval Registered Voter    

Contact Staff:
  Name Position Phone Email
  Brown, Cheryl L. Director / Council Secretary (904) 630-1452 clbrown@coj.net
  Clements, Jeffrey R. Chief of Research (904) 630-1405 jeffc@coj.net
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