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  Committee Name: Joint Planning Committee
  Legislative Authority: 2007-1183-E, 2003-430-A & 2001-65-A,; Interlocal Agreement per Sec. 163.3177(6)(h) 1 & 2, F.S.
  Total Members: 9
  Committee Duties: An advisory body to the DCPS and the governing bodies of the cities with the following responsibilities:. •Review future growth patterns of Duval County; •Review existing sites and identify future sites and facility needs for schools, libraries, parks and community centers; •Consider future site-compatible community facilities; and •Review the annual update of the Interlocal Agreement.
  Meeting Date: (Meeting times and locations are subject to change.)
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Committee Members:
  Name Category
  Cockrell, Joshua Darrell Lay Member
  Feustel, Elizabeth Lay Member
  Frick, Drew D. Lay Member
  Hainline, Theodore R. Resident
  Hawk, Michael J. Lay Member
  Hazouri, Thomas L. Council Member
  Jones, Warren A. School Board Member
  Nuland, Karen B. Lay Member
  Tookes, Monique Lay Member

Contact Staff:
  Name Position Phone Email
  Fogarty, Krista City Planner (904) 255-7825 kfogarty@coj.net
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