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  Committee Name: Planning Commission
  Legislative Authority: Chpt 30, Part 2, Ord Code
  Total Members: 13
  Committee Duties: Mayor makes 13 appointments. Review proposed land changes, text changes to comp plan, requests for exceptions, variances & waivers to the Zoning Code, final orders of Cell Tower Review Committee, appeals from written orders of Building Officials. Review & make recommendations to the Council on proposed changes to the Zoning Code, the Code of Subdivision Regulations & other land development recommendations. Review & make recommendations on plans & programs developed by the Planning Department. Serve as local planning agency per 163.3174 F.S. and prepare the comprehensive plan. Review & assign planning priorities.
  Meeting Date: 2 times per month - Thurs before LUZ Committee (Meeting times and locations are subject to change.)
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Committee Members:
  Name Category    
  Adkison, Donald Marshall Planning District 6    
  Blanchard, Daniel E. Planning District 3    
  Davis, Ben Planning District 5    
  Friley, Jerry At-Large 2    
  Hagan, David Christopher Planning District 4    
  Harding, Abel Planning District 1    
  Hill, Marvin C. At-Large 1    
  Holmes, Steve Military Representative    
  Kuhlmann, Karen School Board Appointee    
  Norman, Janetta G. Alternate 1    
  Padgett, Nicole At-Large 3    
  Peters, Dow W. Planning District 3    
  Robbins, Anthony Planning District 2    

Contact Staff:
  Name Position Phone Email
  Burney, Calvin Director (904) 255-7811 calvinb@coj.net
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